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Our offer - Meshes (wire meshes and expanded metal) - Expanded metal - Way of ordering


In general width of pitch "t" is taken as parallel value to the size W (W max = 1500mm). Although for parameter L up to 1500mm reverse option is available (to be agreed before implementation).



rys.13 sposob zamawiania

Rys. 13 Przykładowy sposób ułożenia oczka względem wymiarów siatki 




mild steel 1000x2000 20x62x3x2 - 50 pcs 62 II 1000




All values in mm


rys.13 sposob zamawiania- tabela

* t II W (width of pitch "t" parallel to the width of sheet W)


Additionally while ordering it is im portant to explain final application of product (ex. casings, panels, piece of steel construction).

Secondly it is also important to know if nets in further process (by cutomer) will be welded to any frames. This knowledge is helpfull in adjusting correct technical parameters during production and finally meeting client's demand. 


ATTENTION: Regarding galvanized steel: we use pre-galvanized raw material so after cutting process there is no zink layer on the edges of meshes.

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