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Perforated coils

Coils are perforated with all across perforating presses with additional synchronous system of de-coilers and re-coilers. We are in posession of two all across perforating lines with inlet of 1250 mm and 1600 mm (force 250 T). Systematically the number of tools adapted for perforation of strips or coils is growing. It is listed in the tables of tools. We can create the new and  individual pattern for perspective projects.

Basic parameters:
The thickness of the sheet in coils from 0.5 to 2 mm - width up to 1600 mm.
Type of material (DC01, DX51DZ275, aluminum)

Perforation patterns available for coils: : Rv1,5-2,5; Rv2-3; Rv3-4; Rv3-5; Rv3-7,4;Rv4-5; Rv4-6; Rv4-7;Rv4-8;Rv5-6; Rv5-7; Rv5-8; Rv5-9;Rv6-7;Rv6-8; Rv6-9; Rv6-10; Rv6-12;Rv6-16; Rv6,3-12; Rv8-10; Rv8-12, Rv10-12;Rv10-15; Rg6-11; Rg6-12; Qg5-8; Qg6-9; Qg8-10; Qg8-12; Qg10-12, Qg10-14, Qg10-15; Qd8-20...


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