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Our offer - Meshes (wire meshes and expanded metal) - Expanded metal - Nomenclature



Expanded metal meshes are made with thickness range of 0,5 to 4mm*, width of sheet up to 1500mm, and "bridge" (c) parameter up to 24mm (depends on meshes size and thickness of raw material). "C" parameter over 5 mm value is available after consultation with sales department.


*products with thickness 4mm, max width 1000 mm - after consultation as well.




rys.1 ulozenie oczka


Sketch 1. Mesh dimensions, bridge, raw material thickness


t - width of pitch

t1 - length of pitch
a -  length of mesh
b - width of mesh
c - bridge
g - thickness of raw material
g1 – thickness of expanded metal mesh
L – lenght of expanded metal sheet
W – width of sexpanded metal sheet
K – direction of production process



It is assumed that values of "t" and "t1" are constant, indicated in the purchase order. Values "a" and "b" are adjustable and depends on "c" and "g" parameters.

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