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Perforated sheets/coils

Dear Sirs

Complete inquiry / order should contains the following data:

    Quantity of each type of ordered products
    Raw material (type of metal) and its thickness
    Sheet dimensions (length and width)
    The size and type of perforation wherein depending on the type of mesh should be entered (in millimeters):

    diameter of round holes
    size of square holes
    length and width of the longitudinal holes
    arrangement of perforation (square, staggered or others) as well as the distance among the axes of holes
    margins (area without perforation) or acceptance of cutting through the holes

Really helpful in specifying your needs will also be posting information about the final application of products and expected delivery date of the contract.
Please also pay attention to some key parameters  which greatly affect the final price of the product :

    The type and thickness of raw material - the cheapest is mild steel, but with more durable grades thickness can be reduced obtaining similar durability of product. Also keep in mind that for the thinner material perforating process is faster.
    The size of holes - hole diameter must not be smaller than thickness of the material and preferably if diameter is about twice bigger.

    Perforated sheets made in accordance with the standards are cheaper and more convinient in production process. Open area should not exceed 65% in order to avoid distortion of item.

Available grades: mild steel, pre-galvanized steel, high wear resistant steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, plastic, rubber.
Dimensions thickness up to 18 mm, width up to 2000 mm, length up to 6000 mm. For some products there is possibility to offer perforation in coils (coil width up to 1600 mm). For some types of perforation there is  limitation for thickness and width of the sheet or necessity of making technological unperforated margins.
Standard services: straightening, cutting to length, packaging on pallets.
Further services:
bending, rolling, punching, framing, welding, powder coating, galvanizing, et

01. Technical parameters

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all across perforating press
sectional press turret press

02.Further services available in production of perforated sheets :

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flattening cutting bending rolling

03. Hole structure

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Hole consists of three zones:

  1. Indentation zone
  2. Cutting zone
  3. Pulling zone

04. Item's description

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Standard sheets are produced with typical unperforated longitudinal and traverse zones (margins).

There is a possibility of making perforation according to client's drawing or with full perforated area (without unperforated zone).Typically all sheets are flattened after perforation. Additionally we offer further fullmetalworking servives allowing our customers receiving finsihed product.

05. Begining and the end of perforated area.

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lack of margins(*) complete perforated area
lack of one row in perforated area
lack of one row in perforated area

Because of shape of tool for small holes (up to 10 mm ) or for high value of open area (%) there is a lack of one or two rows at beginning and the end of perforation zone.

(*) cutting through the holes

lack of two rows in perforated area

06. Tolerances and standards

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Dimensions, distances among axes of holes and tolerances are carried out in accordance with PN 76/M-94060/01..10. Tolerances of thickness and dimensions of perforated plates according to above mentioned standard (PN). All projects can be made according to PN, DIN or customer's design. The table shows the maximum size of non-perforated margins, depending on width of the sheet (PN).

Width [mm] Length [mm] Deviation
250 25 +/-3
375 37 +/-3
500 25 +/-5
625 37 +/-8
750 37,5 +/-8
1000 50 +/-10
1250 62,5 +/-13
1500 75 +/-15

07. Nomenclature and way of ordering

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Complete nomenclature consists of :

  1. Name of item: perforated sheet
  2. Raw material (grade): DC01, 1.4301...DX51DZ275
  3. Thickness x size of sheet (mm): 1x1000x2000 mm
  4. Type of perforation : Rv 5-8

Example of order:



Packaging: pallets + foil + strips
Transport: depends on project.


08. Notices

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In case of ordering longitudinal or rectangular holes (marked with two values), it is necessary to specify which value of hole is expected to be parallel to the longer side of sheet. It is also important to provide information about final application of ordered items. All details are to be consulted with our sales department. For technical reasons there are some restrictions regarding perforation process of plates with thickness similar to the diameter of hole, or when the "bridge" (metal among the edges of holes) is smaller than the thickness of sheet.

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