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Our offer - Meshes (wire meshes and expanded metal) - Expanded metal - Additional processes



Upon clint's request expanded metal sheets may be straigten (an option) or flattened (an option).


rys.7a s c-c bez dodatkowych operacji


Sketch 7a. Expanded metal without any additional processes


g1 - thickness of expanded metal*


* g1 thickness for the meshes without flattened option, g1 tis a parameter resultant depends on bridge "c"




rys.7b siatka gniatana

rys.7b zgniatanie


Rys. 7b Expanded metal mesh (flattened version)


g1 - thickness of expanded metal*

* it is assumed that  g1 after flattening process amounts ca g (thickness of raw material)


Nets can be flattened to the thickness of raw material (max thk. 3mm, width W up to 1500mm.

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